Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Year 3 Visit Year 6

Year 3 have been allocated buddies with Year 6.  Every few weeks the buddies meet and take part in a range of activities.  This week the Year 6 helped teach the children what to say and do if they have difficulties on the play ground.  They then played some games with them.  

Below are some of the accounts of the afternoon, written by them.

'I did some talking, then I went outside to meet up with other people.  We said, "Can I play?" and they said "Yes."  After that we played games.  We played 'It',  'Racing' and also '5 minute run' for a bit.  Then I said bye to my year 6 buddy called Mitchel and he was friendly.'

'We played 'Duck, Duck, Goose' and 'Granny's Footsteps' but first we went to many different people to play together.  Then we were asked to ask the opposite gender to play, it was very easy but fun.  Then we lined up and mixed classes.  We played in groups together - I was with people in Year 6 and some of the people in Year 3.'

'On Thursday 5th October, the Year 6 buddies came over to visit the Year 3.  Then they took us outside and when we were outside the teacher told us to go and find someone and ask them if we can play.  I asked Leo, William, Jassim, Dexter, Zack, Charlie and Yusif.  Then Miss Shennan challenged us to ask a girl if we were a boy, and ask a boy if we were a girl.  Then we split into groups and we did the same.'

'On Thursday with our buddies we went outside and did not play at first, instead we pretended to be mean to someone trying to be our friend. Then the Year 6 showed us what to do.  Then we went to the top playground and we played some fun games.  The Year 6 were very nice. '