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Monday, 1 February 2016

Catching up...

Happy New Year

After an extremely busy first term in the Junior School, and a great start to the New Year, here is an overview of what Year Three have been up to over the last three months!!

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D&T Salads
For our first D&T topic of the year, we were looking into what we need to think about to stay healthy and why it is so important to maintain a balanced diet. The children's final task was to design and make their very own healthy salad. Here are the final products!

During History last term, we were studying the Stone Age and were lucky enough to handle real tools which had been used thousands of years ago! The children worked together to think of sensible questions that would help us find out more about the tools. It was very exciting!

RE Week
Luckily for all of the children at Cunningham Hill Junior School, Miss Kropman spent a long time over the half term organising an exciting week of RE. For this, we were focusing on happiness and what this means in different religions and communities. At the end of the week, the children worked in groups to create film trailers demonstrating how when we work together, we are able to overcome our troubles and find happiness. Here is our whole class example…

St Paul’s Church
During RE week, we went out for the afternoon to visit St Paul's Church. We all really enjoyed exploring the church and taking part in the workshops.

Verulamium Trip
In the final week of term, we set off on our trip to Verulamium where we spent time exploring the museum and then had an interesting and interactive workshop investigating different Roman artefacts.

Still Life
In Art last term, we started our study of still life paintings of fruit.  Here is a sample of some of our final pieces:


Here are some pictures from Highfield Park taken last week when Year Three went searching for inspiration for their up and coming D&T project.